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Regardless of what stage your project is in, we are here to help!

We create experiences, products, and services that give added value to customers and make organizations more efficient. We contribute to innovation and create new business possibilities by focusing on product development. We'll help you work smart, stay ahead of the curve and be more future-proof.


We are committed to challenging perceptions. To explore and visualize uncharted territory. we refine and test the aesthetics and function. Afterconcepts process involve -inspect, iterate, and rebuild the solution to optimize the solution for the precision and longevity of the solution.

Industrial Design

Packaging Design

Spatial Visualizations

Communication Design

CMF Detailing


Afterconcepts thrives to intervene in new-age problems throughout the box design strategies that are capable of evolving. During the ideation process, we investigate key features for risk evaluation. We make engineering plans and concept experimentation. We refine and test the aesthetics and function.

Engineering Research

Computer Aided Design

Design for Manufacturing

Design Validation


We incorporate Rapid prototyping in our design testing method which includes some aspects of the iterative process. Rapid prototyping utilizes innovative technologies like CAD software and 3D printing to create seamless data transfer from computer to our state of the art  3D - printers.

Additive Prototyping

Manufacturing Assistance

Mockup Generation

How do we work with you?


Give us a call

Or send us an email. We’re happy to hear from you whether you are a Creative, Director, Manager, Independent client or anything in between.


Collaboration strategy


Whether your project is in the ideation phase, In the mid set of concept validation or anything in between. We are always focused on the user's needs and objectives. Together, we combine our expertise in design, technology, and innovation with your business knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that benefit individuals, businesses, and society at large


Probing the probe

To find out where we will have the greatest impact and create value, we gain as much insight as we can into an industry and its users and stakeholders. We prefer to ask the right questions before looking for answers.



From day 1, we start working on every possible concept & potential solution for the challenge we face together. Through a systemized parallel ideation process while keeping the end client in the loop we explore every possible solution in the realm of design, engineering & prototyping.


Iterating through corroboration

Our process has been refined over hundreds of projects. It is based on rapid iterations that produce concrete ideas and tangible prototypes that can be viewed, assessed, tested, and refined.


We deliver


We hand over the project to your team and stay available for further after delivery guidance and support. Needless to say, always ready to start a new project together.

Your Vision


Deliver new products to market
Design and develop an industry leading product
Reduce cost to operate/assemble
Design and develop an industry leading product
Build a better customer experience
Design and develop an industry leading product
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